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Season 2023-24


A mesmerizing Argentinian dance
MALEVO brings live music and virtuoso dance to the contemporary stage in an exciting and electrifying show, perfect for the whole family.

(E)motion Without Movement 2024

A Musical Fantasy for an Actor and an Orchestra
A Musical Fantasy for an Actor and an Orchestra. Dive into a captivating journey of artistry and ambition!

The Director’s Cut

by Rami Be'er
A new work rising from iconic moments, re-emerging in a surprising and immersive Director’s Cut.

The Beat Evolution

A window into the magical world of percussion instruments.

Yang LiPing

The Rite of Spring
The Chinese choreographer who conquered the dance stages all over the world returns to Israel

English National Ballet

Akram Khan's Giselle
The renowned ballet company comes to Israel with the work of leading international choreographer Akram Khan

The Passion Of Monty Python

The Revolution Orchestra
A musical circus for an Orchestra, a Mountie Choir and a Dead Parrot

I shall Speak to You

two languages One Love.
How close and similar, but in a syllable so far and different. Love songs project - Hebrew and Arabic - in a way that has never been heard before.
The Revolution Orchestra

A creative playground for original orchestral music in fusion with the arts

Gershwin and the Revolution

A celebration in three acts of Gershwin’s works.

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